About T-REC

T-REC is an international consortium of academics and health practitioners working to strengthen the capacity of African researchers to do research on blood transfusion. T-REC works in Ghana and Zimbabwe and is a four-year project from 2011-2015, funded by the EU.

T-REC coordinates links between academic institutions and transfusion services in Ghana and Zimbabwe. It supports four PhD students (from Ghana and Zimbabwe) to carry out research and provides small bursaries to undergraduate and postgraduate students in local universities to research topics about blood transfusion. It also provides a Diploma in Project Design & Management where transfusion staff can undertake a one-year part-time course and a workplace research project. 

Progress has been made in a number of areas. The four PhD students have started their doctoral research in collaboration with local and European universities. Diploma courses in both Ghana and Zimbabwe are underway, and students have now received two rounds of bursaries.

Evidence-based research generated by the T-REC programme's PhD, diploma and bursary students will be presented to stakeholders in order to influence national and regional policies on blood transfusion. It is hoped that T-REC activities will boost the number of individuals undertaking future research in transfusion topics in sub-Saharan Africa. Enhancing research capacity in these ways will contribute to better and safer blood supplies in Ghana and Zimbabwe.



“I would like policy makers to consider all the evidence that will come from the T-REC research activities and try to integrate them within the policy framework so that we are better guided by evidence in the decision-making process.”

Tonderai Mapako, Planning and Information Research Manager, National Blood Service, Zimbabwe