PhD Defense Ceremony and Celebratory Dinner

Nyashadzaishe Mafirakureva and Tonderai Mapako

Groningen, The Netherlands, December 2016



Executive Summary

Blood Transfusion Research in sub-Saharan Africa:

Pretoria Workshop





Highlights 2014

Professor Imelda Bates discussing

Blood and Capacity Building


July 2014

T-REC symposium (31st July 2014): Strengthening Transfusion Research Capacity in Africa

October 2014

Phd Student Tonderai Mapako

attends the AABB Annual

Meeting in Pennsylvania,

Philidelphia, USA



October 2014

Conference Report:

AABB Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, USA.

Nyashadzaishe Mafirakureva



Highlights 2013


September 2013
PhD Student Tonderai Mapako, first article accepted for publication in 'Transfusion' journal

May 2013

PhD Student Lucy Asamoah-Akuoko awarded 'Outstanding Female Doctor'

March 2013
ISBT Transfusion Today: Focus on T-REC




Highlights 2012

September 2012
DPDM 2009/2010 Graduation, Accra Ghana

September 2012
DPDM 2009/2010 Graduation, Kumasi Ghana

July 2012
ISBT Congress - Cancun, Mexico


September 2012
Article about Kumasi Blood Centre, Ghana in ISBT Transfusion Today, no. 92 September

June 2012
T-REC Annual Meeting & AfSBT Annual Congress Mauritius


June 2012
Blood Transfusion Research Network Development- AfSBT Congress Mauritius

January 2012
Diploma in Project Design - Launch in Harare, Zimbabwe


January 2012
Article published in 'The Bulletin' of the Royal College of Pathologists


Highlights 2011


December 2011

Article published in ISBT Transfusion Today



October 2011

NBSZ Site visit

October 2011

T-REC Launch Meeting - Harare


September 2011

Diploma in Project Design Launch Accra/Kumasi

September 2011

First article published: www.africa-health.com


September 2011
Johannesburg meeting

July 2011
Accra Blood transfusion service


July 2011
T-REC Launch meeting - Ghana



Mombasa Blood Transfusion Workshop 2008 Report:

How can research contribute to improving safe blood supplies for emergency transfusions in sub-Saharan Africa?