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Professor Imelda Bates

Principal Investigator














Imelda Bates is a Clinical Haematologist who provides clinical service at the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. She did her under-graduate medical training at University College London and post-graduate haematology training at St George’s Hospital, London. She was based in Kumasi, Ghana from 1986-89 where she established a clinical haematology service and a ‘big spleen’ clinic which provided a research base for investigating tropical splenic lymphoma. She has been principal investigator/team leader on projects in several countries predominantly in Africa, including Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi and Kenya, and has also spent time in Thailand working on malaria drug trials. She joined LSTM in 1999 to provide expertise in tropical haematology for the School’s taught courses and research projects. Her current research activities aim to generate and promote the use of evidence in policy and practice relating to anaemia and blood transfusion. LSTM has a global reputation for developing capacity in the health sector in poorer countries and Prof. Bates is the focus for an emerging international network with expertise in the evaluation of research capacity development.

Prof. Bates teaches on many of LSTM’s postgraduate courses and is course director Learning, Teaching and Assessing (on- and off-site); Diploma in Project Design and Management (off-site) and for Parasitology for Haematologists (1999-2010). She supervises several PhD and MSc students and is an internal and external examiner for PhD students. She is a member of LSTM’s Learning and Teaching Committee, and the L&T Quality Management Committee.

Prof. Bates research interests include public health aspects of anaemia and blood transfusion systems (particularly in the context of maternal, child and neonatal health, and infections such as malaria and HIV), diagnostics and laboratory systems, and the relationship between infections, such as malaria, and lymphomas. Her Masters in Higher Education combined with experience in implementation research has enabled her to develop and use innovative processes and tools to evaluate the effectiveness and sustainability of capacity development efforts.

Consultancies and Technical Assistance
Prof. Bates has over 14 years consultancy experience predominantly in sub-Saharan Africa on projects supported by international (e.g. WHO), bilateral (e.g. UK government) and private (e.g. Shell Petroleum) funders.  Technical inputs covered topics such as health research capacity strengthening, laboratory systems and quality, educational development, community diagnostics, malaria control and haematology techniques.


Dr Oliver Hassall

Deputy Principal Investigator



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Susan Jones

Senior Project Manager

Susan Jones is Senior Programme Manager at LSTM, heading the commercial programme management team and also overseeing the project management of T-REC and an MRC-funded grant to develop new TB drugs.  She has worked at LSTM since 2006 and previously managed three EU-funded antimalarial projects - AntiMal, ARTEMIP and CRIMALDDI projects which had a total of forty-five academic and industrial partners and were funded in excess of twenty million Euros.

Susan has a degree in Biology and spent twelve years working as a Research Scientist in the Biotech industry specialising in the heterologous expression of human proteins. She then moved into Technology Transfer at Evans Vaccines and after 3 years progressed into Project Management where over the last ten years she has successfully led a number of drug and vaccine projects in both academia and industry.



Tracy Seddon

Project Administrator


Tracy Seddon is the Project Administrator for T-REC and is responsible for the day to day management of the project.  Tracy has worked at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine since 2009 as a Programme Administrator for three European Commission grant funded Projects, AntiMal, ARTEMIP and CRIMALDDI funded in excess of 20 million Euros.  Working closely with Susan Jones, Tracy was responsible for the day to day running of the projects managing the logistics and planning of courses, workshops and conferences as well as monitoring project reporting and financial budgets.



Sue Purnell

Educational Developer

Areas of interest:

New teachers, Learning and teaching strategies, Active learning, Evaluation, Managing the quality of the student experience. Building capacity, mentoring new academics.  I particularly enjoy working with colleagues from other nations and cultures-it is always a great learning experience for me.

I am a nurse by profession but have worked in Higher Education Learning and Teaching for 18 years, in one capacity or another. I am currently employed part –time by the University of Liverpool, in the Education Development Department of the Centre for Lifelong Learning.

I have a Post Graduate Diploma in training and Development, and undergraduate and Masters qualifications in Higher Education- all gained in New Zealand



I have lived and worked in New Zealand for many years, and often taught and learned with Maori, the indigenous people of New Zealand. I was employed by the Bay of Plenty Polytechnic and Massey University in NZ. I have undertaken both teaching and evaluation projects in China, Syria, Senegal, Ghana and Canada. Most recently I was invited to be a visiting senior teaching fellow at the University of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

Research Interests
Quality assurance in Higher Education, evaluation, student engagement and transition to uniuversity


Consultancies and Technical Assistance
In the last 2 years, I have provided academic/educational advice and project co-ordination for:


The University of West London.

The University of Windsor,

The University of Western Ontario, and

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine


Alison Dunn

Communications Officer

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